Opportunities don’t happen, we create them.

Let’s go break some rules.


Work for a pretty sick company.

Rule13. Two words that mean nothing without you. You are the power and the personality that make our brand. The driving force that allows us to dream and then win. Our products are only as good as what goes into them. And what goes into them is you. We’re underdogs who overachieve. Our competitors won’t see us coming, which is just the way we like it.

Bring your sense of adventure, sense of humour and sense of curiosity on our journey. Bring all those unique traits that make you, you. Because they are what make us, us. The part you play is vital to our success. We all set the achievement bar and we all share the praise. You’re one of us now. Go Break some rules.

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A (sort of) polite message from our CEO.

We live in a day and age where small brands have a bigger voice thanks to social media. Large corporations fear the little guy and their ability to rally together, taking a larger chunk of the market share. Rule13 maintains that small business attitude - the feeling of family, a family that continues to create some of the most innovative brands on the market today.

We manufacture the very hoops others need to jump through, remaining agile in an ever-changing business landscape. Building brands that challenge the negative stigma is in our blood. If you are someone who likes to bend the rules, come and join us. Careers and job opportunities are posted at the bottom of this page.

Billy Webb, CEO of Rule13 Limited

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