Science & Analytics

The heart of everything we do, using industry leading lab equipment, our team of scientists ensure your products meet the standards required to hit the shelf, every time.

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    From flavour creation to formula calculations, we innovate with science.

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    SDS Testing

    Testing, analysis and reporting are all taken care of in-house.

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    Taking care of necessary product registration so that you don't have to.

Science & Analytics

The proof is in the science.

Cement your brands' success with on-the-spot testing as part of the process. Every product that passes through our production line is meticulously tested to the highest possible standard by our dedicated science department. GC-MS testing, HPLC-UV screening and toxicological assessments are carried out in our food grade manufacturing facility, right here in the South-East of England. Once complete, we'll provide you with the necessary certification, as well as expert advice should you have any further questions.

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Breaking the foundations

Staying at the forefront of mixology is imperative when it comes to food and cosmetics. Do you have the next game-changing product idea? We have the tools and knowledge to bring it to life. Our experienced team are skilled mixologists, specialising in product formulation across multiple industries. We’re ready to take your brand to the next level, are you?

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Let us submit to the submissions.

You’re on the brink of creating the next best-selling brand, you don’t have time for the nitty gritty. We understand. Let us take care of it for you! Rule13 offer a complete compliance solution for every brand that leaves our facility. We’ll work closely with you and our design team to ensure all relevant and regulatory information appears on all packaging, and can even provide a document translation service, giving you the freedom to go global.

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