Powder Filling

From protein to pre-workout, nootropics to CBD our powder filling lines offer unique solutions for cutting edge brands.

  • Powder Filling Machine - UK Powder Filling Contractor - Rule13 Limited

    Food Supplements

    From protein powders to energy drinks, tubs or sachets we can fill it all.

  • Industrial Grade Mixer - Powder Filling Services in Kent, UK.

    Versatile Machinery

    Our versatile machinery allows us to fill a variety of powdered products.

  • Rule13 Checking Tubs - Highest Standards - Manufacturing in the UK

    Quality Checking

    Our robust checking procedures guarantee a high finish.

Powder Filling

Contract filling services

We can fill most dry or granular products such as tea, coffee, seeds and rubs. Our powder filling machines can work with a variety of packaging types at the highest possible quality. Working closely with clients from start to finish, we’re dedicated to providing the most innovative, reliable solutions. We can provide a range of packaging from our trusted suppliers or fill yours as supplied. Our powder filling machinery is contained inside a positive pressure lab ensuring the highest levels of cleanliness.

BeyondNRG Sachets


Good things come in small packages.

Sachets are a cost effective and portion-controlled option for your products. That can be useful for samples, multi packs even slipping into a magazine for marketing purposes. We use a VFFS machine to produce single sachets from a flat roll of film, forming the sachet as the product is filled. This gives you a cost-effective alternative to bottles, jars and tubes whilst saving on transit costs and preserving your product.

Packaing Box inspection


Hand packed for quality assurance.

When your products cannot be packed by our machinery, we have a professional workforce capable of stepping in and taking care of hand assembly, counting and packing. This service is useful alongside our machinery, such as adding additional items to a kit not possible using machinery. Our years of experience and conscientious staff are trained in high-end product packing, ensuring that the job is done to the highest standard every time.